The construction industry is the oldest industry in the world, and while other industries have moved with the times, the method of constructing and managing construction projects have remained traditional. Contractors are slow to adopt new technology. However, many of their pain points can be addressed with cloud-based solutions.

Contractors’ major challenges are to deliver projects on time and within budget. To do so, effective project management is vital to save time and increase accuracy. However, the majority in Malaysia is still using manual methods for project management. With heavy technology disruption, contractors will face challenges continuing to manage projects according to traditional/manual methods as it is more time consuming and inaccuracy will cause further delay and cost overrun. 

Why make the switch?

Many contractors have difficulties in understanding how cloud-based solutions can help their businesses. In actual fact, they are satisfied with using software like spreadsheets in managing their day-to-day projects. However, spreadsheets become difficult to manage when contractors have multiple project sites handled by various parties. The accuracy of spreadsheets depends on the competency of the personnel handling it. 

Cloud-based construction software allows contractors to follow project progress much more closely and accurately for better visibility to understand and deliver on all requirements. This also allows construction companies to standardise its workflow and processes, optimising training and project delivery. 

Cloud-based construction software provides transparency, allowing all parties access to the same information anytime, anywhere. This allows employees to take effective actions and stay in the loop of project progress. Standardisation will prove to be important in the coming years as shortages of qualified talents continue to plague the growing industry. This means that when an existing employee leaves the company, another employee can take over in no time. Allowing information to be stored in one place is essential to ensure the security of information and its accuracy. 

Manual processes will lead contractors to delay the decision-making process. Sometimes, the lack of information generates mistakes that cost them large sums of money. Cloud-based solutions enable contractors to pinpoint and correct errors happening in real-time that would have been otherwise overlooked, effectively making it possible for contractors to catch errors before they happen. Real-time intervention before the formation of mistakes is golden in saving contractors’ wallets. 

As your company grows, so does your workforce, data and complexity. What seems to be easy when you are small is now difficult. Yet contractors have less time to review and control. Lights off moments happen all the time and it has become difficult to manage this manually, requiring more properly trained talent. Cloud-based construction software allows you to keep track of all your data, workflow and processes regardless of size. Mistakes hurt contractors’ profitability. Risk mitigation is necessary and the next choice will be the adoption of the right technology in your company. 

What Type of Software? 

In sequences, contractors in developed countries seem to favour cost-estimating features, with functions for measuring take off, accounting and project tracking following closely behind. 

Apart from the above, there is a need for a cloud-based construction software that streamlines processes from pre-project planning all the way through progress claim and project work is done. To choose a suitable software, you should always consider its ability to speed up processes, and its capacity to keep track of all your data that allows you to take action before mistakes can occur. It should also serve to standardize your operating system. Last but not least, it must be mobile-friendly, allowing access from any part of the world