The easiest tool for the hardest to manage tasks

Made for contractors, Speedbrick Echo is a cloud-based solution which allows you to manage your sub-contractors, contracts, progress claims and monitors your deadlines and financial performance. Stay on top of contract requirements and payment statuses with ease anytime, anywhere.

Manage payments & cashflow

A bird’s eye view on project statistics across the project duration. Monitor a variety of processes from progress claims to defect liability period. It even helps alert you when your payment certificate is due.

Speedbrick ECHO allows you to have an early overview of a project’s financial health. You get to decide what action to take with the up-to-date and simple financial statistics. 

Perfect for: Claims Officer / Contract Manager / Accounts Manager / Project Manager / Business Owners

Speedbrick Echo


An Informative Master Dashboard

Get an immediate overview of your project’s financial performance, useful for project owners to take decisive action. Speedbrick Echo’s dashboard tracks important information such as:

Project Activities

Find out what action has been taken by your team regarding overdue payments

Collection Summary

A quick glance of all your current debtors and financial specifics

Claims Report

Get an update of your claims performance

Project Drill-down

Get a detailed breakdown of Claimed, Certified and Payment statuses

Outstanding Payment Tracking

Stay informed of how long your debtors have owed you money

Deadline Tracking

Avoid operational issues and keep updated on important contractual deadlines

Physical Claims Documents

Back up a copy of your physical claims documents in our cloud storage and retrieve it anytime you wish with just one click

Generate Set-off Invoice

Generate Set-Off invoice via Speedbrick Echo, never lose track of set-off against a sub-contractor ever again

Speedbrick Echo gives you more control over your sub-contractors like never before!

Sub-contractor Overview

See how many subcontractors are working on a projects and if they are Nominated Sub-contractor (NSC) or Domestic Sub-contractor (DSC)

Sub-contractor Directory

Keep a record of all sub-contractors and the list of services they provide you

Sub-contractor Reporting

Keep track of how much a sub-contractor was awarded, certified, and paid

Work Breakdown

Break your work down into sections, allowing your team to track work progress in detail with ease.

Update VO Status

Update VO status awarded to subcontractor and how much was certified in each certificate

Generate Certificate Summary

Print out summary certificate and standardise company’s certificate format for each and every subcontractor

Project Portfolio

Speedbrick ECHO used by contractors or sub-contractors working on these projects.


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We get asked these questions a lot


A simple yet powerful tool that allows contractors to manage and monitor contracts and projects’ financial performance with ease, anytime, anywhere. Keep track of contractual deadlines, outstanding progress claims, progress certificates and payments.

Any tablet and laptop that connects to the internet can have access to Speedbrick ECHO.

We help contractors better manage their projects through better financial and project monitoring, providing a detailed look at project status and relevant processes such as claims, certificates and payment.

We provide a easy to understand and detailed overview of your all your construction projects and the relevant financials and contracts all at the tip of your fingertips.

We give unlimited storage of all data and documents.


Users can only see the information in their own projects. They cannot view any other projects that they are not involved in. The company will have an administrator to determine who has access to the different levels on information. Only the company administrator can look at financial performance chart guaranteeing data security among the company.

Speedbrick is hosted on a managed platform Heroku which runs on top of Amazon Web Services which is entrusted by companies like Netflix, LinkenIn, Facebook and BBC.


Speedbrick ECHO charges are based on a fixed project percentage, please contact our sales team to find out more.

Our training is not typical. We have to ensure your employees knows exactly how to utilise the product to allow you to benefit from the system. When you pay for our on-boarding fee, you are not only paying for training, but a 6 month monitoring service to see how your people are performing using the software and ensuring that they fully utilise the software. During this 6 months, we are also just one call away from support you.

You can subscribe as long as you need. However do note that we bill on a per annum basis.

Unfortunately no. We bill on a per annum basis.

Speedbrick does upgrade and updates on existing features at no additional charges, however, should you wish to subscribe to a new product or new feature, relevant charges will be applied.


We recommend that you put in all your projects information to utilise the tracking function. Your information is secured and kept confidential.

Speedbrick ECHO does not track work progress but you can have an overview of how much work has been done on a monthly basis.

You can always view the progress claim document you uploaded into the system in pdf / excel version. Our system generates a summary for you to have a quick glance. For more detailed information, you can download it securely to view it.


We are providing phone call support, WhatsApp support, email support and on site support, should you require. Depending on the issues faced, our system does not require on site support as it is a cloud solution, but if on site support is required, there will be a minor fee to cover transportation charges and service charges.

Depending on the issue, when you call us, you will get a support over the phone immediately. If it is a bug related issue, meaning there is something wrong with the system, we will require time to review and find out what went wrong before we fix the issue. We will alert you on how long we will be taking. So far, our track record is within a day.