COVID-19 can spread through human to human contact, for which equal measures must be taken to protect your construction site. Construction companies must adopt all measures indicated by the authority to combat and contain the spread of the coronavirus on construction sites. This is especially important at the construction site entrance. The aim is to make your construction site a safe place where workers can carry out their work without interruption. 

Government Guidelines: 

At Site Entrance, Display Entrance Requirement Poster on COVID-19 Prevention 

Information on posters should clearly state the following:

  1. Visitor shall not enter the site in case of fever (over 37.5°) or other flu symptoms 
  2. All visitors must fill up a COVID-19 Prevention Questionnaire at the site entrance
  3. All visitors must wear facial masks

Set up Hand Sanitiser Station 

Ensure sufficient hand sanitizers are readily available at the site entrance. 

Set Up Body Temperature Checks and Screening at Construction Site Entrance

As it is a daily requirement to conduct body temperature checks and screening for symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, or breathing difficulties at the construction site entrance. 

Contractors should set up the following process at site entrance:

Instruction to site visitors is recommended as follow: 

Set Up Social Distancing Measures at Construction Site Entrance

Work Station Distance Recommended as Follow: 

Work Station Distance Recommended as Follow: 

Establish COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

A COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan shall be in place at the site entrance to deal with visitors that have flu liked symptoms: 

  1. Record Visitor’s body temperature in the COVID-19 Prevention Questionnaire
  2. Ensure Visitor’s contact details are properly filled in
  3. Deny Visitor from entering the construction site

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