What isn't measured, isn't managed

A simple yet powerful tool that plugs into your existing supply chain management process. It connects the site operators and project management office on material management issues and keeps track of material site request, purchase and delivery orders. It also provides a single view of project material performance and helps builders stay within construction budget.

Manage construction wastage like never before.

Material wastage is a real issue with property development. Construction funds are wasted due to poor management of documentation, lack of oversight or simply due to miscommunication. Speedbrick Compose gets ahead of these issues by keeping track of material usage, new orders and delivery. It provides an overview of project material spending and your project within budget.

Real Results

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Speedbrick Compose is a collaborative tool. It keeps key project members updated on production issues no matter if they are at the site office or on the go.

Perfect for: Quantity Surveyor / Site supervisor / Purchaser / Project Engineer / Project Director


Speedbrick Compose tracks every material from tender stage, site request, purchase order, delivery instruction, delivery status to supplier invoices. It allows project teams to work efficiently with verified information available anywhere, any time.

Cost Management

Be notified immediately when a budget overrun occurs. Speedbrick Compose monitors spending and alerts managers of budget overrun in real-time

Digitize Documents

Digitize purchase and delivery orders instantly. Store important documents on our central database so you never lose them.

Easy Access

Speedbrick Compose makes it easy for managers to access important documents no matter where they are via a desktop computer or on their mobile devices.

Standard Workflow

Speedbrick Compose structured workflow keeps a timeline of events accessible to project teams, puts relevant processes in place and synchronises information between office and site.


Track project and financial performance with Speedbrick Compose’s report generation module and gain insight and trends into your project.

Autocount Integration

Speedbrick provides integration with AutoCount, a leading accounting software used by over 180,000 SMEs

Project Portfolio

Speedbrick Compose used by contractors or sub-contractor working on these projects


Customers reviews

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We get asked these questions a lot!

A simple yet powerful tool that connects your construcion site to your office. It alerts contractors before they go over-budget by keeping track of material take off, site request, purchase and delivery orders. It simplifes the entire supply chain management, allowing you to know who, when, how much material was procured and if it is within your budget. Information is made reliable as it is shown in real-time and linked straight to your team’s smartphone.

It helps your company to ensure a healthy cash flow via excellent material management as well as streamline your approvals and purchasing processes for effective workflow.

Any tablet and laptop that connects to the internet can have access to Speedbrick COMPOSE.

Speedbrick COMPOSE helps users get things done faster and accurately, we have experienced a 100% site adoption rate. To ensure a successful digital adoption, the company has to put in effort to ensure adoption and monitoring as well. Speedbrick currently has 100% success rate on-site usage which users are not forced to use the product but are willingly using it as it helps them to get things done faster, easier and better.

Speedbrick COMPOSE charges are based on a fixed project percentage, please contact our sales team to find out more

We have successfully helped our clients reduce urgent orders by 89.32%, and after working hours usage are currently at 32.6%

We are simple, cheaper, easy to adopt and use. Users get to see only what they need to see to take action. COMPOSE has 6 level of users permissions that is way more than most of our competitors.

We are constantly updating our product and releasing new versions relating to existing features for our user to use at no additional charges. Price revisions are unlikely for now.

Yes, we are currently integrated with Autocount.

We gather user feedbacks from our clients. Feedbacks will go through a process of a detailed analysis and market research before a solution will be built to address the issue we are attempting to solve. We do not simply build a solution for every problem under the sun, it is important to understand that, every solution will come with problems as well. We build our solutions based on the following: Whether the solution we build will allow user to take action – it must give user actionable useful information Whether it is convenient for users to use our solutions? It should lean towards “must have” rather than “nice to have” Whether the problem we are solving are tiny, tedious, time consuming, and yet time sensitive task