Established in Malaysia, Speedbrick provides cloud-based construction software. We help our clients stay in control and ahead of construction risks.


Manage construction material wastage and construction cost.


Manage and monitor your contracts and projects’ financial performance with ease anytime, anywhere.

We simplify the intricacies of construction processes by combining on-ground experience, human-centred design and leading-edge technology to deliver tools and solutions that promote efficiency and transform businesses.

Core features in all our solutions

 We work at the intersection of design, technology, and strategy to create our solutions. Our teams address every aspect of design and implementation to ensure our products are operating at maximum performance

Secure Single Source Of Truth

Data is structured in a linear format and is kept on a secure cloud-based centralized information platform. This allows you to track mismanagement and sidestep potential pitfalls in advance.

Frictionless Project Teams

Collaboration is key. Because of our centralized platform, each and every team member is informed of every aspect of the project immediately. This environment keeps all members on top of their game, every time.

Seamless Integration

Effortless integration into your business processes and most importantly – ease of use.


Personalised dashboards give your management summary updates, reports and insight into your business so you make informed decisions.

We want to help you!

Talk to us today and let us show you what kind of impact we can have on your construction business immediately!

Made by builders for builders

Poorly designed enterprise software not only impacts productivity but also talent retention within organizations. Our solutions are designed by people in the construction industry that recognizes the importance of managing tedious processes and workflow. Features are developed towards increasing efficiency while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

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